Wednesday, January 31, 2018


This is a triumphant moment for me. Sure, I only put 17 hours into the game. Sure, I only finished like 60% of it. Sure, I spent the last 30 minutes of game play literally running as fast as I could because a)everything was on fire and b)I could smell I was close to finishing, but you gaiz, I DID IT.

For real, the moment the credits popped up, I was like, holy shit! This is what this feels like! Achievement unlocked!

It also took me the entire 17 hours to figure out that Henry's voice over was done by that slob Harry Crane from 'Mad Men.'

So this was a formative experience:

-I got WAY better at handling the controller, something that I used to death grip and basically thumb-punch like I was trying to dig into its guts
-I got better at manipulating the joysticks; now I can actually use both at once WHAAAAAT!
-I got better at not having to look at the controller, even

These are all things that are second nature to you guys who basically used an XBone as a teething ring, but for the rest of us require a lot of eye-hand coordination that isn't the same as just, I dunno, throwing a ball (also hard haha) or walking and chewing gum at the same time (not sure if that's hard because I don't like multitasking hurr hurr hurr). I went online once to look something up when I got really badly stuck, and that kind of 'cheating' (since my SATs aren't involved I'm going to use that word very loosely) I discovered I like because it's more like researching and problem solving outside the scope of the game.

That isn't the Firewatch map, but you get the idea. I've got a ways to go with, uh, knowing what direction I'm going in a game, but this was actually really good practice for that too. I sense an entire post about game maps and how they read like fucking Sanskrit to me is in the works.

And, super plus bonus: by the end I was running partially because I was getting really agitated by the fire. The atmosphere was so dense and true that I was kinda having flashbacks. That sounds like a masochistic thing to enjoy, but what I more mean is I sincerely appreciate that it got to me like that. Travis and I both say:

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